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4 Things We Do to Detox Regularly

4 Simple Detox Rituals

These simple rituals make it easy to take on as habits to do regularly, they are not complicated and are not time consumers either. Each one feels refreshing also! Give them a try.

  1. Dry Body Brushing: Using a dry body brush to brush your skin, drains lymphatic system, aids in breaking down toxins and several other health and beauty benefits you can read more about it in my dry body brushing post. I take my dry bristle brush with a handle brush my body starting at limbs and working my way to my heart, it feels really good to dry body brush my entire body before I hop into the shower…
  2. Detox Baths:  2 cups of baking soda, 2 cups of Epsom salts (I keep a large bag of baking soda and Epsom salts under my bathroom sink). The baking soda alkalizes the water which is important. Also, drink a glass of water with 1/2 of a freshly squeezed lemon before you get in the bath. This alkalizes your body, helping your body release toxins when the Epsom salts pull them out from your body… Make your bath as hot as you can handle and when you sit in your bath for at least 20 minutes, it is great if your face feels sweaty… That is a great detox bath and soothes your achy muscles also and a great source of absorbing magnesium which many people are deficient in. To learn more in detail how to do detox baths, see my post about it here.
  3. Sweat: Regular sweating helps release a lot of toxins. I am into burst workouts, where you go all out for 30-60 seconds then rest for 2 minutes for about 15-20 minutes total. I also love hot yoga which you get a great sweat from.  Saunas and steam rooms are good also, and an infrared sauna is the best.  Some people get infrared sauna’s for their home, a good brand is Sauna Space.
  4. Morning Lemon Water: Right when we wake up, drink a tall glass of room temperature water with 1/2 lemon squeezed in it. The water can be room temperature or warm, I find that room temperature is easiest! We are all about ease.

How Toxins Affect Your Body & More Ways to Detox

Our world is so full of toxins and many of us are overloaded with them causing all kinds of problems from fatigue and foggy brain to inability to adapt to stress well and many more issues. It is a good thing to not only reduce the number of toxins we breathe and put on our skin but also to help our bodies release toxin build up. For years now I have been told I have heavy metal toxins in my blood, I am sure this has contributed to my health battles with cancer, fatigue, and inability to handle stress well at times. Doing research all the time on how to improve my health is a lifelong journey and fun passion for me. Detoxing regularly with the 4 ways above have been a game changer for me. 

We love to share what we learn so that if someone is trying to figure out what is wrong with them or want to feel better and any of this helps them figure it out, then that just makes me smile because I know what it is like to not feel well and what a relief it is to get solutions that work.

When incorporating nutrients, it's crucial to ensure they are free from toxins. The landscape can be perplexing, as numerous collagen brands utilize inexpensive collagen sources that contain elevated levels of heavy metals and contaminants. Consistently consuming such collagen can contribute to a harmful accumulation of toxins in your body, posing potential health risks.

One of the driving forces behind creating Yonder was to provide clean, toxin-free collagen and coffee that people can trust! And making it easy to incorporate into your daily routines.  Consistency produces results! 

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