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15 Minute Burst Workouts – Burn Fat for 36 Hours

WOW, we are LOVING these workouts, and seeing and feeling results! AMAZING! I am all about high-quality results and quick and easy. Finding the time to do regular workouts that make a difference AND are easy to sustain are big challenges for us and many people. What we LOVE about this workout is there is NO EQUIPMENT NEEDED, and it can be done anywhere (home, on vacation, on a lunch break, etc.). You only need 15 minutes four times a week. That’s it!

How to Do 15 Minute Burst Workouts

  • Need about 15 minutes of your time: No equipment needed, but you can add in dumbbells for added intensity as you progress if you like.
  • Workout on a fasted stomach: First thing in the morning right after my morning warm beverage (bone broth with coconut oil, lemon, and pink salt or our organic coffee) is when we get this workout out of the way. Our last meal is a sizable dinner the night before consisting of high fat, medium quality protein, and a lot of greens. This technique is called intermediate fasting which makes your body a FAT Burning machine combined with burst workouts.* After your workout, wait at least two hours before you eat which trains your body to be the most efficient FAT Burning machine ever!* 
  • 30-60 Seconds of burst high-intensity movement: Do a high intensity (at 80% maximum heart rate) exercise for 30-60 seconds, where you cannot talk and are breathing heavy. Like a fast sprint (in place or outside), push ups, sit ups, burpees, squats, lunges, or tricep push ups, etc.
  • 1-2 minutes of complete rest or low-intensity movement: Then, completely rest or do a low-intensity movement like basic stretches or yoga stretches for 1-2 minutes.
  • Repeat 4-6 times: We use an app on the smartphone called Tabata Pro – LOVE IT! You can customize the workout and rest times, it is awesome! You don’t have to think, just follow the alerts from this app on when to start and stop during this interval burst workout.

Benefits of Burst Workouts

  • Fat Burner: Burns fat for up to 36 hours.*
  • Puts good stress on our body that improves your mind.*
  • Triggers your HGH (Human Growth Hormone) production which contributes to fat burning and anti-aging. HGH is your fountain of youth!*
  • Slows aging down a lot!*
  • Saves time: For results, you only need to do 15 minutes four time a week. You can do more if you like, but if you’re just starting out exercising, then start with the minimum with no added weights, then you can build from there with more days, weights, and a little longer sessions, but you really do not need to do more than 4-5 times a week at 20 minutes max.
  • Trains your body for great muscle tone and anti-aging benefits!*
  • Improves your MOOD tremendously!*
  • Super EASY!
  • Can be done anywhere with no equipment.

Burst workouts create a youthful body and mind. Sprinters are more youthful and have better physiques than long-distance runners who age faster, wear their bodies out, and develop chronic inflammation in their joints because our bodies do not do well with long workouts that wear our bodies down. Doing short intervals and resting lets our bodies recover and builds health.*

We do the intermediate fasting technique about every other day or on average 3 times a week.

Looking to Support a Healthy, Busy Lifestyle?

If you are into these 15-minute workouts, that probably means you care a lot about your health, but you’re also pretty busy and need nutrients that’s quick and just works.

Well, we’ve got something else for you then! A "Daily Boost" of our collagen peptides are perfect add ons for a fit a health conscious, busy life. 

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