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3 Simple Steps to Silky Soft Skin

This is a sure fire way to get silky soft skin, no kidding. Do this routine for 3 days in a row and you will see and feel the difference! I do this routine about 3 times a week every week myself, it is like autopilot for me.

Get Soft Silky Skin with These 3 Easy Steps

  1. Use the DRY Body brush and brush your entire body naked and while you are completely dry… Brush your skin moving towards your heart.  I start at my feet and work my way up my legs, stomach, butt, low back, then hands, arms, neck, chest and upper back… I really brush hard the back of my upper arms, I get those bumps back there but this process completely gets rid of them.
  2. Jump in the shower now, and when you are conditioning your hair, put the exfoliating gloves on, lather soap and water up in them really well and start scrubbing your body… do the same process as the dry body brushing. I start at my feet and really scrub, working my way up front and back towards my heart.. then arms, neck and chest and upper back. This sloughs off all the dead skin you just lifted off your body from dry body brushing… it is amazing!
  3. Then after the shower, dry off then rub the Argan Butter into your skin. It is rich, creamy and a tad oily but rubs in really nice and using this butter on your well-exfoliated skin, your skin literally feels and looks like silk.

Bonus is to take 5-15 grams of collagen daily. As we age, our body begins producing less collagen, which is one reason why skin starts to sag and joints become achy.*  By taking Yonder’s Collagen Peptides daily, you will be supporting your body's ability to stimulate the production of collagen.*  

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