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Really Doing Regular Exercise

I don’t know about you, but for me, being consistent with exercise has been a lifelong challenge. It seems some people who decide they are going to exercise regularly, they really do it, where others just can’t keep a regular routine that easily.

For me and a lot of people we know, it isn’t so simple. I need to feel passionate about my workout routine so I mix it up every few years or less. 

Exercise can lift depression, improve self-esteem, give you an euphoric feeling, and reduce stress among other things.* I believe that because exercise makes us happy! We can be totally depressed, and if we just exercise every day for a period of time, our whole well-being shifts to a vibrant happy burst of light so we are motivated to keep this a part of our life.

Exercise Ideas

Here are some things I have done that have worked to keep the consistent workouts coming:

Get an Online Personal Trainer like Rita Catalino

Hire Rita Catalino, who is an ONLINE personal trainer coach. I worked with her for two months and she got me more toned than anything I have ever done. She went over what I eat and taught me to eat more, and more frequently. Her workouts were a variety to keep me intrigued and made the time pass by and worked every muscle. Her personality was upbeat, supportive and encouraging. She was a blast to work with and was worth the investment which was more cost-effective than hiring a one on one personal trainer in the gym. 

Join a Triathlon Team like TriLaVie

In the past I joined a neighborhood swim team, our swim coach was this bubbly woman  named Martha who I couldn’t help but fall in love with, she also led a woman’s triathlete team, TriLaVie, and if you were a woman on her swim team, she would eventually talk you into joining her tri team… and so before I knew it, I was swimming in the ocean training for a triathlon! Something I thought I would never and could never do!  It was a great experience and I highly recommend trying this if this sounds interesting to you.

Use an online program or an app that provide Home Workouts

Most I select are only 30 minutes a day! So quick and no excuse to skip it! And it works my whole body including cardio. I partnered with my gal pal, we would text each other every day “DONE” when we completed it. So when her text would come in “DONE”, I was pressured to get my “DONE” text to her or I would look like a loser and visa versa. Our competitive spirits fueled our success and made it fun!

More Activities & Exercises I Love

There are a few other things I love doing, like working out with a significant other, hiking, paddle boarding, long walks, beach cruise rides along the coast and kayaking.  I also recently joined a local cross fit gym, I do not get competitive and don't try to lift heavy Olympic level weightlifting like some of the others, I keep it light and consistent and enjoy the camaraderie.

Hopefully, these ideas give you things to consider if you are struggling with sticking to a daily exercise routine.

Exercise keeps me happy and toned. Remember in regards to controlling our weight, that has to do with 80% of what we put in your mouth and exercise is only 20% of that. Good nutrition and supplements are key to fueling our bodies, maintaining a healthy weight and getting our nutrients.


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