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The lowdown on Iodized Table Salt & Celtic Sea Salt/Himalayan Pink Salt

Iodized Table Salt Versus Celtic Sea Salt and Himalayan Pink Salt

It is amazing how our culture as lumped all salts as bad and have turned the typical table salt into a very bad thing! As far as I knew also, all salts were bad, but that is just NOT the case!

Refined white commercial iodized salt is bad, very bad stuff, however unrefined natural sea salts are very good providing many health benefits. Sodium is an essential nutrient required by the body. Have you ever heard how ocean swims are great for you – it is the salt water! Have you heard of float tanks? They are salt/magnesium balanced and allow your body to naturally absorb those minerals we need. 

Table Salt

Our typical table salt, yes, is very bad! It is so processed and other ingredients are added to it, like anti-clumping agents which contain high amounts of aluminum. Sugars are added as stabilizers, and because of all the processing, it takes out the natural magnesium which creates super high sodium. They bleach it and expose it to many toxic chemicals in order to get it to its final product. It also has ferrocyanide and bleach in it. This salt is highly concentrated with sodium chloride, totally unbalanced without its magnesium, toxic to your body and creates the blood pressure raising effect, it does not have enough magnesium to balance it.

Celtic Sea Salt®

GOOD stuff! Celtic Sea Salt® provides nutrients that naturally occur in salt beds. Trace amounts of calcium, magnesium potassium, iron, and zinc. Celtic Sea Salt is not exposed to all the harsh processing and bleaching used to manufacture typical table salt that pulls out all the natural minerals our body needs and there are no additives. Celtic Sea Salt® is harvested from the ocean using natural elements, the sun, the wind and shallow clay iodizing ponds, a method passed down through the generations. What is so unique about this salt, is that it retains it’s moisture from the ocean no matter how you store it. It has a dewy feel to it. It is like bringing the ocean to your kitchen.

Himalayan Pink Salt

Himalayan Salt contains 84 minerals and trace elements in ionic state and is a pink color and comes in little rocks that you can grind over your food or you can buy it in a fine grain.  And is also mined from ancient sea beds, so it is pure from environmental toxins.

Benefits of Celtic Sea Salt and Himalayan Pink Salt are long:

  • Rich in magnesium
  • Improves brain function*
  • balances blood sugars*
  • Alkalizes the body and stabilizes pH balance*
  • Helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels*
  • Increases energy Promotes healthy sleep patterns*
  • Promotes a healthy libido*
  • Helps prevent muscle cramps*
  • Helps build immune system*
  • Eliminates mucus buildup*
  • Regulates heartbeat and blood pressure*
  • Helps your digestive tract with absorption of nutrients*
  • Improves sinus health*
  • Helps with bone strength*
  • Supports detoxing*
  • Supports weight loss*
  • Supports in balancing hormones*
  • Pink Himalayan Salt can also be used to purify the air (Himalayan salt lamps)*

So as you can see REAL SALT is GOOD, Processed salt is BAD! And that processed salt is a common staple in homes across the US and other parts of the world, in restaurants and in fast foods, it is toxic. However adding REAL salt, like Celtic Sea Salt and Pink Himalayan Salt, is amazing for your health! Make the SWITCH and NEVER LOOK BACK!

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