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Healthy Ways to Infuse a fabulous Aroma in Your Home Instead of Using Toxic Air Fresheners

Natural Alternatives: Healthy Ways to Infuse Your Home with Fabulous Aromas Without Toxic Air Fresheners

Do we ever get blinded by media, advertisements, and what appears good since everyone is doing it? In this case, I am talking about the typical plugins and fragrant air freshener candles and sprays you see plentiful in grocery stores and the like! I was a sucker for all of this myself.

Why you Should not Use Typical Commercial Plugins, Fragrance Candles, and Air Fresheners

  • They cause indoor air pollution.
  • Phthalates, chemicals that are found in air fresheners and often plastics, pose health risks linked to cancer, asthma, birth defects, diabetes and so on. Here is a research article on air fresheners posing risk for birth defects.
  • There are numerous chemicals in these fragrance chemicals that react with common indoor air pollutants which produce serious health hazards.

Simple Solutions for Healthy Air Fresheners with a Holiday Fragrance

  • My favorite option is using an air diffuser. Just add essential oil drops for an amazing air freshener! Make sure you use filtered water.
  • Get quality essential oils to use with your air diffuser for a holiday fragrance: cinnamon, pine, or a holiday blend to name a few. Each one of these essential oils are loaded with health benefits from healthy brain function, relieving depression, stimulating libido, decreasing inflammation, and so much more. In the health blogging world, DoTerra is liked a lot. Mountain Rose Herbs is a really GOOD online company as well truly loved by many well respected health bloggers – I buy mine from them. I LOVE lavender and rosemary, my two favorites to diffuse in my diffuser.
  • For candles, beeswax is a great holistic alternative, this brand is good and has a holiday fragrance.

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