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Are you over exhausted and want to get on a GREAT health track for REAL?

Getting on Track with Your Health Can Feel Impossible

I get it. You try so hard to stick to “healthy foods”. You’ve switched to organic foods, and try to eat more fruits and vegetables. Tell yourself you’re going to be more active and buy some workout gear and get a gym membership. Most of the products you try are recommended by a friend or endorsed by some random celebrity.

But, the changes you’ve made aren’t making the difference you expected. Your energy levels aren’t improving and you’re not seeing changes in how you look or feel. Also, “healthy food” is often code for “flavorless”.

Then, life happens. You get bogged down at work, with the kids, chores…and the new, organic foods you bought aren’t exactly convenient. The ones that are – like that organic plant protein powder from the health food store – are NOT appetizing.

So, you go back to old habits. Vending machines, fast foods, and anything that won’t go bad in your fridge in less than a week. Then, you feel guilty about not sticking with your plan. Where did you go wrong?

Take it from me: it’s not entirely your fault.

This is a topic I lived and understand! Taking the first trusted steps to get on a track that will truly break you free from the long grind, poor food choices, and lack of exercise is important. You just have to know who you can trust. Once you’ve established that, it’s time to restart your healthy diet and crush your weight loss goals.

Who NOT to trust

Advertising, the media, complicated loophole-filled FDA regulations, and paid celebrity endorsements make it hard to know if the products you’re buying are what they say they are. For example: in the craze to make affordable, organic plant-based proteins, manufacturers often make compromises in quality to keep costs down.

As a result, they are often loaded with fillers, rice protein, and even sawdust. The products can still claim that they’re “all natural” and “organic”, because, well, they are. However, just because something is natural doesn’t mean you should be eating it. These fillers wreak havoc on your digestive system by inhibiting nutrient absorption, making food harder to digest, and introducing foreign bacteria and chemicals your body was never designed to consume.

What’s worse: in third-party testing, many FDA-approved fillers are found to have heavy metal contents that exceed the limits set by Proposition 65. That doesn’t exactly promote a warm-fuzzy feeling, does it? And, even with the requirements put forth by the FDA and Proposition 65, food and supplement companies still aren’t required to disclose what is harmful. All that’s required is a warning label.

Filler-Free Collagen Peptides that are easy to use!

If you are looking for a healthy nutrition boost but don’t want the bad for you fillers, our collagen peptides with our organic coffee are a great option, especially combined!* Our collagen is from grass fed pasture raised bovine sourced from Brazil. There are absolutely no fillers or synthetic or artificial ingredients. Check out our products to learn more – your gut will thank you!*

Warning labels are so confusing!

Back to warning labels. Unfortunately, they have their own issues. Warning labels and organic requirements don’t always mean that a food or supplement is good for you. Even if they do follow regulations, there’s no differentiation between natural or synthetic ingredients, or whether or not the amount of trace chemicals is harmful. Confused yet? It’s just the tip of the bureaucratic iceberg.

Wild caught fish, for example, will naturally contain trace amounts of mercury. Organically farmed fruits and vegetables will contain trace chemicals from the nutrients in the soil, especially is the ground has lain fallow. If a synthetic compound is found to be harmful, then the naturally occurring version of that same compound is also red-flagged – even if it is 100% safe. I don’t know about you, but all of this contradicting information makes my head spin.

So, what do you do?

How to Get Back on Track with Healthy Eating

I needed to be able to incorporate healthy, but convenient, foods into my diet. It was so frustrating not knowing who I could or couldn’t trust. After all, who has time to look up the history of every food company you buy from, or find verified third-party testing reports? NOT ME.

Also, I knew that if I was struggling to read between the lines of “health foods”, then others were too. Losing weight is much more complicated with so many contradicting recommendations coming from every angle. So, I decided to start my own food company. It became my mission.

Healthy Habits You Can Start Practicing Now

Start Small

There are a few simple rules and healthy habits I started following that you can incorporate right away. Take it from me (and other health professionals who have much more experience than I do), make small changes first. Once you’ve got them down, make another change. This improves your chances of a successful weight loss journey exponentially. After all, humans are creatures of habit, and habits take time to make and break.

Eat Right to Avoid Energy Crashes

First, eat foods that will fuel your body without you crashing. Most of the time, energy crashes are the result of high glycemic index (GI) foods. Without a sufficient amount of healthy fat and fiber content, carbohydrates cause spikes in your glucose levels. Your body then releases insulin to lower your blood sugar and make use of the quick energy source. If the glucose spike is high enough and your body releases a lot of insulin in response, you experience an energy crash.

Try the Paleo Diet

To me, Paleo is the most simple, straightforward, and effective form of healthy eating. It’s based on how humans ate before technology and food processing turned food into “food products”. By following a Paleo diet plan, I eliminated added sugars, simple carbohydrates, and low-fat foods. Once my body was fueled properly with full-fat dairy products, fiber-rich fruits and vegetables, and nutritionally dense food my energy levels evened out. Make simple switches like sweet potatoes instead of white potatoes or bread. Eat whole fruit instead of fruit juice. Eat REAL FOOD.

Eat Every Few Hours

To ensure I’m eating the right foods and not tempted to overindulge, I eat every 2-3 hours. By keeping to a regular schedule, I never get too hungry. This reduces or even eliminates the urge to binge. Sweet cravings and overeating are a thing of the past!

The end result: I feel strong and energized. I don’t miss my workouts because I’m just too tired. I’m more productive in my work life and feel more fulfilled in my personal life. All because of simple and effective dietary changes.

I want you to feel the same!


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