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Benefits of Raw Dairy

Benefits of Raw Dairy


I seriously love to learn about health to repair myself from being a cancer survivor and having leaky gut. When I tasted and learned about Raw Milk, I couldn’t believe how AMAZING it tasted and HOW MUCH MORE healthy it is for us!* If I knew this years ago, I would have been drinking this for the past several decades and raised both my kids on this from the beginning! People have been drinking raw milk forever before there were commercialized “Feedlots”and back then there was a lot less heart disease and cancer was rare. When farming turned into CAFO’s (Confined animal feeding operations) it sickened the animals from being confined and eating unnatural food, GMO grain and soy. Making the milk from those sickened cows is dangerous to consume so they came up with heating it, which they refer to pasteurizing the milk which 100% kills all the natural enzymes that make it easy to digest and lessons all the nutrients. Whereas Raw milk from pasture raised grass fed animals is loaded with vitamins and enzymes making it easy to digest and absorb the nutrients and good for your gut.* You only want to buy Raw Milk from 100% pasture raised animals (cows, goats, sheep) from a farm that is reputable and has a clean milking operation so you can feel secure that there are no contaminants in the raw milk. I buy my raw dairy from Sprouts Market.

All the nutrients are in the grass that the cows eat.. that is why pasture raised is the only way to go. Some farms call themselves “organic” or “free-range” which by definition they need to have access to an outdoor area but can still be kept most of the time in crowded sheds crammed in their own manure. What you want to look for is 100% pasture raised, grass fed and grass finished animals, no hormones or antibiotics and land is pesticide free. God made the perfect nutrients for our bodies and cells, and it is only us who have altered His food making not only the animals sick but us sick as well. Going back to the purest form of our God given foods, gives us eternal nutrients we need.*


  • 100% grass fed animal’s raw milk has a yellow color to it, that is from eating grass loaded with nutrients. Pasteurized milk is white, stripped of many of their natural nutrients.
  • Raw milk is loaded with antibodies, enzymes making it easy to digest, vitamin A, C, E, Iron, Zinc, B-Complex and Calcium. Pasteurized milk has 25-70 % less vitamin A, C, E, Iron, Zinc, B-Complex, Calcium and it’s antibodies damaged and enzymes are completely destroyed.
  • Pasteurized milk alters the nutrients in milk and makes it hard for our bodies to absorb and digest. The natural digestive enzymes Raw milk has are destroyed in pasteurized milk which are needed to break down and absorb certain nutrients.
  • Allergies and lactose intolerant are much higher in people who drink pasteurized milk. A survey conducted by the Weston A. Price Foundation found that of 700 families interviewed, amazingly about 80 percent of those diagnosed with lactose intolerance stopped having symptoms when they switched to raw milk. A project of Weston A. Price Foundation did a campaign for real milk “raw”, it has a lot of good information, you can read the article. Also kids who drank raw milk were less likely to develop allergies.
  • Raw milk is also rich in short chain fatty acids, omega-3s, CLA, Essential Minerals and Electrolytes, Calcium, Magnesium, Pure Whey Protein and Potassium, which a lot of these nutrients are also lost during pasteurization.
  • 100% grass fed animals eat the nutrient rich grass, and research studies have shown that it contains a higher level of heart healthy, cancer killing, fat soluble vitamins than milk that comes from CAFO’s (confined animal feeding operations). The fat soluble vitamins A, D and K2 most people are deficient in.


  • Digests easier*
  • Strengthens immune system*
  • Nutrient rich and harnesses enzymes to absorb those nutrients*
  • Reduces allergies*
  • Promotes gut health*
  • Tastes amazing
  • Good for your skin*
  • Strengthens bones*
  • Provides healthy protein to build muscle*
  • Has natural probiotics and when used to make kefir it is loaded with probiotics


  • Where I live, I buy it at Sprouts Market. Whole Foods does not carry raw milk, at least not near me. Some of the health food markets near you might carry it.
  • Your local pasture raised farm might also provide raw milk. 
  • Here is a handy raw milk finder website shows where to find raw milk all over USA and throughout Europe. 

There are SOOOO MANY benefits of Raw Milk and so much great information out there. I could write a book about it. What I wrote in this post is just the tip of the iceberg. Here is a thorough article on Raw Milk from the Campaign for Real Milk’s health benefits of raw milk from grass fed animals.

When the whole CAOF’s moved in, all the farmers had to jump on board to survive or close down, many did not even realize how that movement was going to sicken our food and people tremendously. Today, more and more people are becoming educated and aware of the importance of keeping the pure healthy form of our food to give our bodies the nutrients we need to be healthy mostly out of necessity because people are becoming sick or close ones are becoming sick. That is why I am becoming more aware and learning how to make changes as a cancer survivor at age 30 and developing severe leaky gut. The nutrients from raw milk from grass fed animals and the bones from these animals to make highly nutritious bone broth properly is truly healing food! Learn how to make bone broth properly from my chicken feet bone broth recipe or my beef bone broth recipe.

Farms such as White Oaks Pastures in Georgia is a perfect example of a farm who jumped on the CAOF’s bandwagon but then realized what it was doing and converted back to pure pasture raised, grass fed, no hormones, antibiotics or pesticides on the land for the good of all. Small and larger pasture raised farms are popping up, growing and now starting to thrive to meet the demands of educated people demanding proper nutrition! It is a beautiful thing!

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