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Simple Cauliflower Soup

This simple cauliflower soup is SOOOO EASY to make and tastes like a master chef made it!  This simple technique you can make with many other soups as well, just substitute out the cauliflower with your vegetable of choice… I make this exact same recipe with sweet potato (my daughter’s favorite), potato & leek (my son’s favorite).  

This recipe only takes A FEW ingredients… Onion which I almost always have on hand since every week I buy several onions, garlic which I have fresh most of the time but ALWAY have in my freezer Crushed Garlic Cubes… if you do not know about these frozen garlic cubes, then this is a GREAT TIP for you!!!  You can buy them at Trader Joes or Most Markets.  I use these all the time and they are easy to always have on hand!  And lastly you need broth and coconut milk or heavy whipping cream which is optional and clean nutrient rich Sea Salt to taste, these salts give us amazing trace minerals our body needs, typical ionized table salt is totally different and so bad for you… where these salts are SOOO GOOD for you and offer minerals WE NEED!  Click here to read my post all about the benefits of Sea Salt.

Cauliflower Soup

I make this soup with coconut milk keeping it dairy free and paleo style, we also love to add in the heavy whipping cream, preferable raw heavy cream. Full fat raw heavy whipping cream is a great and healthy fat to use if you include dairy in your diet.  

This is a great recipe to add in flavorless collagen peptides for extra protein/collagen boost.  When doing that, I suggest you add in your collagen to just your serving by simply making your serving in a bowl then add a scoop of collagen peptides and stir it in.  This ensures you are getting your full collagen serving and not wasting any of the collagen peptides in unused soup. 

One of my favorite kitchen gadgets is my hand immersion blender!!!!!  This so easily whips up the soup in the pot without having to transport the soup to a blender… SO MUCH EASIER!!!  I LOVE EASE, GREAT QUALITY AND DELICIOUS!


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