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How to Brew & Use our Organic Coffee

How to Brew & Use our Organic Coffee

In our fast-paced world, coffee has become a daily essential. But have you ever considered the quality of your coffee and what goes into your cup? Most of us rely on that morning brew to jumpstart our day, so why not make it something that benefits you? At Yonder, we're all about providing you with top-quality, organic coffee, (that is mycotoxin-free, fair trade & single origin), to help you create a healthier and tastier cup. Check out our article on the Benefits of Organic Coffee.

It's time to ditch the pesticides and overly sugary creamers, and learn how to brew a truly healthy cup of coffee!

In this blog post, we'll walk you through how to brew and use our organic coffee in a variety of ways, from classic drip coffee makers to French presses, pour-overs, and reusable K-cups and give you healthier options to create a satisfying cup of coffee! 

How to Brew Our Organic Clean Coffee

  • Coffee Maker: If you have a drip coffee maker, it's a simple and convenient way to enjoy our organic coffee. Just load your coffee grounds into the filter, add water, and press the button. In minutes, you'll have a piping hot cup of goodness.
  • French Press: For those who prefer a hands-on approach, the French press offers a full-bodied and rich coffee experience. Add your organic coffee grounds, pour hot water, and steep for a few minutes. Press down the plunger, and you're ready to savor your coffee.
  • Pour Over: The pour-over method allows for more precise control over the brewing process. Simply place a filter in your pour-over cone, add your coffee grounds, and pour hot water in a circular motion. Watch as the coffee drips through, giving you a clean and flavorful cup.
  • Reusable K-cup: If you love the convenience of a Keurig but are concerned about the environmental impact and questionable contents of prepackaged K-cups, we recommend using a reusable K-cup. You can fill it with your organic coffee of choice, ensuring a great-tasting and environmentally friendly cup every time.


The Benefits of Our Organic Coffee:

Black coffee, when brewed with our organic beans, provides you with a pure and authentic coffee experience. It's low in calories and packed with antioxidants. Organic coffee beans are grown without harmful pesticides, so you can enjoy a cup free from chemical residues. The caffeine content can give you a natural energy boost without the excessive sugar or unhealthy additives found in many commercial coffee beverages.

Mushroom Coffee

Our Mushroom Coffee is hands down the best kept secret on the market! It blows all other mushroom coffees out of the water. We have beneficial amounts of Lion's Mane and Chaga Mushrooms that move the needle. Over 600 mg of each mushroom per serving. The other brands only use 200-300 mg of each mushroom which are low doses.  With our Mushroom Coffee you FEEL the difference. Focused and ready for your day! 

Brazilian Whole Been Organic Coffee

Our Brazilian Whole Beans is perfect for a dark coffee lover with amazing clean energy benefits. 

Healthy Creamer Options:

If you prefer to add some creaminess to your coffee, we encourage you to make mindful choices. 

Consider these healthier creamer options:

  • Organic Heavy Cream or Half & Half: These dairy options provide a rich and luxurious texture to your coffee. Using raw dairy can also offer additional health benefits due to its nutrient density.
  • Coconut Cream or Milk: For a dairy-free alternative, coconut cream or milk is a great choice. It adds a delightful tropical note to your coffee.
  • Unflavored/Unsweetened Nut Milks: Opt for a brand that doesn't contain additives like carrageen and other thickeners. Nut milks can be a creamy, plant-based alternative.

Steer clear of highly processed creamers loaded with industrial seed oils and excess sugar, often found in grocery stores. These options can compromise the health benefits of your coffee, not to mention your waistline, particularly when consuming coffee shop concoctions.

Those coffee drinks are often brimming with sugar and unwanted calories. Take, for example, the typical "grande" size flavored latte loaded with syrups, which can pack anywhere from 250 to a whopping 520 calories, with sugar content ranging from 35g to 74g. That's a significant calorie and sugar load for a single cup of "coffee." (And let's not forget the cost of that one latte!)

Now, if you're wondering about the cost, brewing your own cup of Joe with organic coffee by Yonder, it’s not only healthier but also a budget-friendly choice. At just 1 tablespoon per serving, it costs as little as $0.77 per cup. So, you can enjoy the finest organic coffee without emptying your wallet.

The Power of Healthy Fats:

Enhancing your coffee with a teaspoon of healthy fat, like butter or coconut oil, is more than just about achieving a rich and creamy texture. It's a practice that offers sustainable energy and cognitive benefits, keeping you feeling full and alert throughout the morning. And when you choose Yonder's Creamy Vanilla Collagen, you're not only benefiting from the goodness of collagen but also the added boost of MCTs. This unique combination provides you with the advantages of both collagen and MCTs, all wrapped up in a delightful vanilla flavor – and without the need for added sugar.

Sugar Alternatives for Your Coffee

So you like it sweet?! When it comes to sweetening your coffee, there are plenty of healthier alternatives to the sugar-laden options.

For Chocolate Sweetness, our Chocolate Collagen literally makes your coffee like a mocha with no sugar!

For Rich Creamy Vanilla, nothing beats our Creamy Vanilla Collagen Protein for rich decadent Vanilla Bean flavor. 

You can reach for organic stevia or allulose sweeteners, which provide a sweet taste without the calorie or blood sugar spikes. Alternatively, you might prefer the natural sweetness of honey or maple syrup, both of which come with a host of health benefits. If you're looking for a sugar that's lower on the glycemic index than regular cane sugar, organic coconut sugar is a fantastic choice. It adds a delightful touch of sweetness without causing dramatic fluctuations in your blood sugar levels, making it a healthier and more sustainable option for your coffee.

Collagen Coffee:

Now, let's talk about the added benefits of incorporating Yonder's collagen into your coffee. Whether you opt for the Flavorless Collagen, which enhances your coffee with a creamy texture and a subtle umami undertone, or you indulge in the delicious flavors of Yonder's Chocolate or Creamy Vanilla collagen, you're not just sweetening your cup; you're also introducing the benefits of collagen. 

It's a winning combination of taste and wellness, adding a touch of luxury to your daily brew. And for those looking to expand their coffee horizons, don't forget to explore one of the many coffee drink recipes available on our recipe blog, where you can discover even more ways to enjoy your favorite brew with Yonder's collagen.

The Wrap-Up:

In conclusion, brewing and using our organic coffee can be an opportunity to enhance your daily routine with a healthier and more delicious cup that's easy on your wallet. With a variety of brewing methods and mindful choices for creamers and healthy fats, you can savor your coffee while enjoying its numerous health benefits and saving money. So, make your morning coffee a delightful and wholesome experience with organic coffee by Yonder.

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