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Grass Fed Collagen Peptides (unflavored)

Collagen Peptides (Flavorless)

Other Collagen:


Creamy Vanilla Collagn Protein


Chocolate Collagen Peptides

best seller

Collagen Peptides (Flavorless)

Grass-fed & Pasture-raised

Supports Skin, Hair and Joints

  • Potent collagen amino acids 
  • 28 day Supply at adaily servingof 10 grams 
  • 100% grass-fed & finished happy cows 
  • Glyphosate is never used on their land
  • Formulated for potent absorption and bioavailability
  • Easy to mix in your favorite drinks


Featured On

PublicSquare Feature

PublicSquare Endorses Yonder!

Yonder Food: A Superior Non-Woke Alternative to Vital Proteins for Collagen Supplements

Vital Proteins, backed by Nestlé, leans heavily into virtue signaling and controversial partnerships over product quality. 

Yonder Food Premium Collagen Peptides

Yonder Food, founded by Sheri and Gina, emphasizes quality and pro-America values. They offer premium, pure collagen products after personal health journeys. PublicSq helps you choose brands like Yonder over others, ensuring you align with your values while achieving health goals.


Supplemental Facts

Suggested Use: Add 1/2 scoop to 1 full scoop (equals 10-20 grams of collagen) in your smoothie or to your favorite hot beverage. There are 28 servings with 1/2 scoop at 10 grams of collagen a day.



Ingredients: Bovine hide collagen peptides from 100% grass-fed bovine.

Amount: 280 grams

Yonder® Flavorless Collagen is one simple ingredients, pure hydrolyzed collagen peptides. Our collagen is a potent source of Type I & III, the most abundant types of collagen, comprising 90% of the collagen in our bodies. These peptides contain essential amino acids, which are the building blocks of proteins.

Other collagens include Vitamin C, Hyaluronic acid, other types of collagen or  to their formulas. We DO NOT for very good reasons.

Harming Bioavailability: The addition of Vitamin C & Hyaluronic Acid can act as a pro-oxidant and oxidize collagen’s amino acids during storage, potentially damaging the bioavailability of the amino acids. 

Deficiency: Most people are not deficient in Vitamin C and a daily value of 90mg can be achieved through dietary sources such as an orange. Consuming real food that is rich in Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, and other vitamins and minerals is the best way to enrich the body with essential vitamins and minerals. Collagen synthesis requires nearly every vitamin we have, not just C. Eating real food for your Vitamin C gives you other vitamins and minerals to aid in collagen synthesis. 

Type I & III Collagen ONLY:  Type I & III collagen make up 90% of our body’s collagen and are the most potent types for increasing youthful levels. Adding other, less effective types DILUTES the potency of the top two types I & III.

How to Use

Suggested Use: Add 1/2 scoop to 1 full scoop (equals 10-20 grams of collagen) in your smoothie or to your favorite hot beverage. 

There are 28 servings with 1/2 scoop at 10 grams of collagen a day.

Take collagen daily for best results.

How much should I take?

The amount of collagen you need depends on various factors such as age, stress levels, etc. Here is a recommended daily dose based on desired effects:

• 5-10 grams of collagen each day Increases glycine and proline production which supports your body in making collagen.*

• 10-20 grams per day: Boosts energy, promotes weight management, supports gut health and digestion, and enhances skin, hair, joint and nail health.*

• 20-40 grams per day: Supports overall health, more comfortable movement, cellular rejuvenation, digestive system support, weight loss, and muscle building.*

Amino Acid Profile

collagen peptides

Health Expert Approved

The Women Behind Yonder

We are an America loving company with Values aligned with family tradition.

We are excited to bring you Collagen endorsed by Nutrition Experts and Doctors that you can trust to be clean unlike so many other brands who use cheap ingredients and focus on profits over people. We exclusively source our collagen from 100% grass-fed & finished cows, and glyphosate is never sprayed on their land. 

Our pure, high potency formula supports healthier skin, hair, and nails! 

Additionally, it supports your fascia, bones, joints, and digestive health.*

Other benefits of this high-quality protein include supporting increased muscle building and a reduction in the appearance of cellulite. It is also the perfect addition to a heart healthy diet.*

Simply add Yonder Collagen to you smoothies, beverages, and baking recipes. It is ideal for everyone!

We're childhood friends who overcame health issues with clean collagen. Get the same results with Yonder - pure, clean, and potent. Trust our firsthand experience and join us on the path to optimal wellness.*

Yonder collagen makes everything better


Gut Health*


Joints, Bones, & Mobility*


Hair, Skin, & Nails*


Muscle Building*

how to use

As a dietary supplement, add it to 10-20 grams with 8-16 fluid oz. of your favorite beverage or bake with it daily for best results.*

Hot Beverage


Shake or Smoothie


Bake with It


how it works


Yonder® hydrolyzed collagen offers types I & III collagen peptides sourced from Grade A, pasture raised, 100% grass-fed, hormone-free, and non-GMO bovine. 


Collagen Peptides are a blend of 19 amino acids specifically designed for optimal  bioavailability and absorption. They support bone and joint health, improve the appearance of hair, skin, and nails, and promote overall cellular health to help you feel and look your best.*

Science behind it


Aging causes a decline in collagen production, resulting in common signs of aging such as joint stiffness, skin laxity, and wrinkles. 


Maintaining optimal collagen levels can be achieved through a nutritious diet and regular collagen peptide supplement intake. Consume a well-balanced diet and follow the recommended dosage for the best results.*

Why Our Collagen Is Better

why collagen

We Couldn’t Have Said It Better Ourselves

See why our customers love our Collagen

Enhance your mornings by adding our collagen to the delicious taste and health benefits of our exclusive organic coffee infused with Lion's Mane and Chaga mushrooms.*  

Get a clean energy and beauty boost while supporting your mental clarity.* 

What Makes Yonder So Special

farm to table grass-fed collagen

Farm to Table

Yonder offers superior nutritional formulas made from real food ingredients, unlike the common supplements and food products on the market filled with synthetic ingredients and artificial additives that can be difficult for the body to process. Our products are naturally assimilated by the body for optimal health benefits and improved overall well-being.* 

people first values Yonder grass-fed collagen

People First, Not Profits

Our method prioritizes quality over profit. We use organically grown, non-GMO, pure ingredients raised with care. Our strict production process ensures optimal bioavailability, providing added value and saving you money in the long run. We research effective ingredients to support an active healthy lifestyle.

woman-owned Yonder grass-fed collagen

Woman-Led & Family-Run

A woman-led, family-run business, we empower individuals to take control of their health and find balance. As a united family behind Yonder, we blend our talents and shared goals to serve others, promote trust and foster a sense of community through teamwork, love, and shared values.

made in usa Yonder grass-fed collagen

Made with Love in The U.S.A. 

 All Yonder products are crafted with care in the USA, at a FDA-registered facility that adheres to organic and cGMP standards. We source our whole food and specialty ingredients domestically and only source a few ingredients from their native regions. None of our ingredients come from unregulated sources.

best seller Yonder grass-fed collagen

Proven Success

Our customers trust Yonder products to improve their health and we have received numerous positive reviews and feedback. We have been working with health experts since 2017 perfecting our formulas and vetting. People are thrilled to have finally found a company that is fully committed to using pure, non-GMO, and clean organic ingredients whenever possible. Our results speak for themselves.

money back guarantee Yonder grass-fed collagen

Our Guarantee

 At Yonder, we are passionate about our products. We make them for ourselves and our families and hold ourselves to high standards when it comes to our health and well-being. Our mission is to share these standards with others and we stand firmly behind our products. If you are not satisfied, we offer a money-back guarantee. Client satisfaction is our top priority and we strive to make our customers happy.

Customer Reviews

Based on 151 reviews
Elaine M.
Exceeded my expectations

Received my vanilla collagen yesterday. I have now tried them all. I have to say, that the vanilla has really exceeded my expectation! I put it in my coffee and felt like I was having dessert rather than a cup coffee! I love them all!!!

Hi Elaine! Thank you so much for taking the time to leave such a lovely review. We're thrilled to hear that our vanilla collagen exceeded your expectations and made your coffee feel like a dessert! I love that!!! We're proud to offer a variety of flavors and are so glad you love them all. (In fact, on our website, we have some yummy dessert-like recipes using each of our amazing collagens). Thank you for choosing our grass-fed collagen peptides. Have a wonderful day and blessed day!

Rachelle K.
Chocolate Collagen Peptides

Love this product! ❤️
I've used other brands that had distasteful aftertastes, were gritty and/or didn't easily mix with liquids.
Yonder's product mixes in (have to use the back of a spoon on lumps, but the process is quick and easy) well, no gritty residue and, mixed with a little warm water, tastes like chocolate milk!
Also, it's WAY more INexpensive than the others I've tried!!

Hi Rahelle! We're thrilled to hear that you love our Chocolate Collagen Peptides! ❤️We're glad to know that you've had a positive experience with our product and that it mixes well without any gritty residue. (Pro tip - If you slowly pour the collagen into your warm beverage, it will not clump at all)! Thank you for sharing that you find it more affordable compared to other brands you've tried. That is so imprtant in this ecomony. Thanks so much for your support and happy sipping!

Christy M.
Pleased with product, but it is pricey

I have enjoyed trying Yonder Collagen Peptides. I put a half scoop (rec serving size) in my coffee every day. It dissolves nicely without adding any taste and only adds very minimal thickness, which I like. I don't feel like I've been able to use it long enough to notice any health benefits, though.
As a small business I know it is hard to compete with the bigger sellers, but in this economy, I am finding myself wrestling with quality vs. quantity. I know Yonder is a better product than some other less expensive brands, but I simply cannot afford to continue buying it.

Thanks Christy for sharing your experience with Yonder Collagen Peptides! We're delighted you've found it beneficial. We understand the balance between quality and affordability, especially today. As a small business, we prioritize providing top-notch products despite challenges. Our collagen peptides are sourced with integrity from farms where cows roam freely in pesticide-free grasslands. Quality is non-negotiable for us. While cheaper options exist, we believe in investing in what you put in your body daily. Our collagen is extremely effective for most people, and we love selling the purity of the grass fed collagen peptides. Here's a tip to keep in mind: you do not need five different types or a liquid collagen - all these other types of collagen are sold at extraordinary high prices. You get definitely get the most 'bang for your buck,' in both results and quality with Yonder's collagen. Your health matters to us! We appreciate your support as we strive to make a positive impact by having integrity without compromise. Have a healthy and blessed day.

Sandy H.
Grass Fed Collagen (Chocolate)

I love this Collagen! The chocolate has a great taste. I have been using for a month and love the way I feel!!! Thanks ladies for taking care of us!!

Hi Sandy! Thank you so much for your kind review. We are thrilled to hear that you are loving our chocolate grass fed collagen. Sheri & I are dedicated to providing quality products to help you feel your best. Thank you for choosing us and we hope to continue serving you in the future. Have a healthy and blessed day!

Nancy D.
Unflavored Collagen Peptides

This was my first time ordering and it was an easy process. My order was lost by the P.O. And Yonder let me know they were sending a replacement order. Lo and behold the P.O. found the missing order and delivered it and the replacement order. Yonder was courteous enough to let me keep both. I am in the process of using the product. I look forward to seeing if I receive the health benefits. It dissolves smoothly with no added taste.

Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us! We're glad to hear that despite the hiccup with the postal service, you found the ordering process easy and seamless. We're sorry for any inconvenience caused by the lost order, but we're thrilled that you received both packages and that we could turn a frustrating situation into a positive one for you.

We hope you enjoy trying out our product and that you'll start experiencing the health benefits soon. We are proud of how our collagen is formulated to dissolve smoothly without altering the taste of your beverage. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out. We're here to help and support you on your wellness journey. Thanks again for choosing Yonder!

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