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Sweet and Spicy Latin Chocolate Collagen Latte.

Sweet and Spicy Latin Collagen Latte Recipe

Forget "sugar and spice and everything nice," we're all about a dash of sweetness and a pinch of spice in our coffee game.  Enter the fantastic world of café de olla! This spiced sensation involves coffee brewed in a nifty clay pot known as an "olla," teamed up with piloncillo (think sugar cones) and cinnamon for that perfect flavor combo.

Organic Brazilian Whole Beans Latin Latte

Now, we'll be honest – our version doesn't exactly follow the traditional steps, but fear not!  You can still bask in the spicy-sweet goodness of our Single Origin Organic Brazilian Coffee in just a jiffy.  Plus with the added benefit of Yonder's Collagen.

But before we embark on this flavorful journey with our Spicy Latin Collagen Latte fueled by our Chocolate Collagen recipe, let's take a moment to honor collagen—the unsung hero of your body's inner workings.  While it's often associated with enhancing your outer beauty, its true prowess lies in its transformative abilities within. 

Chocolate Collagen 100% grass-fed and finished

Collagen functions as the silent architect, tirelessly reconstructing and renewing from the inside out.  In the realm of gut health, it plays the role of a skilled artisan, mending and fortifying your digestive well-being.  Meanwhile, it stands guard as your trusted sentinel, maintaining the fortress of your joints and bones.  Beyond superficial beauty, collagen bestows upon you an inner vitality that's truly remarkable! Learn more about the truly remarkable benefits of Collagen in our article, 10 Proven Benefits of Collagen Peptides.


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