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4oz Brazilian Whole Beans

Organic Brazilian Coffee

4 oz. Bag, 11 servings

Indulge in the rich and decadent flavor of our estate-grade Single-Origin Brazilian coffee beans.

  • Single-Origin Organic Coffee whole beans traceable to a single estate in the Matas de Minas region in Brazil.

  • Grown and harvested by a fairtrade family farm who started planting over 50 years on rolling hills and uneven terrain full of rich soil.

  • Split-Roasted: The first stage is a shorter for a light roast, which preserves the delicate flavors and aromas of the beans. The second stage is longer for a dark roast, which adds body and intensity to the final product.

Available in 16 oz. Bag (1 pound) 45 servings



Why Our Brazilian Single-Origin Coffee Beans?

  • If you are a fan of dark coffee, this is the ultimate choice, the highest quality available.

  • Delicately roasted using our split-roasting technique and natural patio drying. This preserves the richest most full body decant flavors. Can't you just smell it now?! 

  • We ethically source from Fairtrade farmers only.


100% Arabica coffee beans - Single origin

Form: Whole beans

Roast Level: 2/5

Acidity level: 4/5

Body: 4/5

How to Use

Can be ground and used in a coffee maker, French press, or pour-over, including Chemex, Cafe Solo, Clever Dripper, Kalita Wave, Aeropress, Hario V60, Siphon & Cone Brewers, etc.

The Yonder Difference

We were tired of our favorite brands compromising their ingredient sourcing. Say GOODBYE to that disappointment here - We provide trustworthy pure Ingredients in every product. 

  • We partner with farms that reflect our core values.

  • We ethically source the highest quality ingredients.

  • We create scientifically-backed solutions with pure ingredients.

We Couldn’t Have Said It Better Ourselves

See why our customers love our Mushroom Coffee

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Love the mushroom coffee

So love this coffee. The taste is great and no acidic reaction on my tummy! It’s very healthy and my body loves it!

Thanks for the great review! We're glad you enjoy our mushroom coffee!

Elizabeth B.
Love it

I especially like making a treat with the chocolate by adding ice, water and vanilla in a blender.

Thank you so much for your review. We are so glad you are enjoying our products. :)

Paula R.
A Perfect Cup: Coffee That Clears the Mind and Calms the Stomach

This coffee was a lifesaver for my brain fog as it provided me with improved mental clarity. Not only did it taste delicious with its rich flavor and smooth texture, but it was also gentle on my throat and stomach as it didn't cause any acidity. I felt confident in drinking it knowing that it's been thoroughly tested and is healthy for me.

Jane F.
Rich delicious and clean tasting coffee!

Absolutely love this coffee! Love and trust the brand too.

We're happy to hear that you're enjoying the high-quality taste of our coffee - a real cup of coffee that's clean and free from mycotoxins. It's pure and good for you as well!

B. D.
Thumbs up

I was really interested in trying the hemp coffee since it has 2 g of protein per serving. As a personal trainer incorporating protein throughout the day is important for building muscles. And this coffee not only has the added benefits of the protein it taste excellent! My morning coffee ritual is important and I take my coffee seriously. I can tell this is high quality clean organic coffee. It taste rich and smooth. No hemp taste whatsoever. I will be drinking this regularly.

Clean Energy Boost

Clean Energy*

Clean Coffee is Easier on Digestion*

Tested for Toxins

how to use

Can be used in a French press, coffee maker, reusable k-cup, or pour-over.

French Press

Coffee Maker

Use a Reusable 


Pour Over

Savor Pure, Organic Clean Coffee 


100% Organic

Single Origin

Upgrade your morning routine with this winning duo

Start your mornings off right by adding the benefits of pasture-raised, grass-fed collagen to your coffee. This powerful combination can improve and reset your entire body.* 

Enjoy a clean caffeine boost while also supporting better hair, nails, gut health, skin, and mental focus all in one cup.* 

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mushroom coffee

Women Owned

Secure Your Home At Any Time

As a woman-owned business, we strive to help people take ownership of their health and find balance in life.


Catch them in the act

You can rest assured that we have closely analyzed every aspect of our products. We rely on the products that we create ourselves and insist upon nothing less than exceptional quality.

Family Run

Want The Whole Place Visible?

We are a family-run business that strives to bring together our talents and common goals to help people. Our mission is to cultivate trust, loyalty and shared values through working hand in hand with love.

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Really Doing Regular Exercise

Benefits of Organic Fair Trade Single Origin Coffee

15 Minute Burst Workouts – Burn Fat for 36 Hours

Your Questions answered with our FAQ's

What makes Yonder Coffee better?

What sets Yonder coffee apart is its exceptional quality. We use only 100% organic specialty coffee beans and we roast them masterfully. Additionally, we deliver the coffee to you within days of roasting, ensuring optimal freshness with every cup.

Is this coffee traceable?

Minas Gerais is the largest of the three major coffee-growing regions in Brazil, comprising six micro-regions that account for 50% of the country's production. Among this volume of coffee, we've sourced a special treat from a single estate in the Matas de Minas region, known for its rolling hills and small to medium-sized farms. The Dutra Family began planting coffee in the region over 50 years ago and has since grown their estate to nearly 2,500 acres, comprising 10 farms where coffee cherry is harvested by hand by over 600 seasonal workers. While the estate is relatively small by Brazilian standards, it allows the Dutra family to focus on specialty-grade, fully traceable lots for direct trade.

Do you test for mycotoxins? 

At Yonder, we take the safety and quality of our coffee very seriously. We test every batch of green coffee beans we source for the presence of four common mycotoxins: Ochratochin A, Aflatoxin B1, Fumonisin B1 and T-2. Additionally, we moisture test every batch of green coffee before roasting to ensure that moisture levels are below 12.5%, which prevents the growth of mycotoxins. Lastly, we roast every batch for over 10 minutes at temperatures above 415 degrees, which has been shown to eliminate any risk of mycotoxins. This is our Mycotoxins-Free Assurance to our customers.

Are there any allergens in your coffee?

All of our coffees are free from common allergens. Our coffees are roasted, packaged and distributed from our expert roaster in a USDA certified organic facility in USA. This facility is free from peanuts, tree nuts, milk, eggs, wheat, soy, fish, crustacean shellfish, gluten, sesame, celery, lupin, and mustard.

Do you sell conventional coffee?

No, we do not sell conventional coffee. We only offer certified organic coffee. We are committed to providing our customers with high-quality, organic coffee that meet the highest standards of quality and sustainability.

What is specialty coffee?

Specialty coffee is a term used to describe the highest quality green (unroasted) coffee beans. These beans are graded on a scale of 1 (best) to 7 (worst) and specialty coffee is defined as grade 1 Arabica beans, which make up only 1% of the coffee harvested and processed worldwide. Yonder only uses specialty coffee beans in our coffee.

Still have questions? Give us a call or Email us at


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