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We use only the top 1% quality ingredients in the world, you'll feel the difference!*


At Yonder, our commitment is to produce top-notch products that will enhance your appearance and well-being without any compromises.* We were disappointed to see our favorite brands sacrifice quality and ethical sourcing in pursuit of profit. That's why we only create products that are made with the finest ingredients and are sourced in an ethical manner. Not only do our products taste great, but they also offer numerous health benefits that contribute to your overall well-being.*

We REALLY Care about YOU, Your Health, and What Goes in Your Body!

We enjoy sharing our knowledge and life experiences with all of you. In our blog posts, we not only discuss essential lifestyle habits and key nutrients that will help improve your overall health, but many other topics as well to ensure you feel and look your best.* So start living your best life with us today!

Sheri & Gina, Founders

Our Story

Founders, Sheri and Gina, friends since childhood, have both gone through serious health issues, and achieved remarkable success with collagen.  Their life experiences and family history made them even more focused on health and wellness, which ultimately led to the founding of Yonder.
At age 30, Sheri was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Cancer.  She was a new mother of her 2 week old son and was determined to survive to live a long life, in order to be there for her new son and future daughter.  In a quest to fight the effects of cancer and boost her immune system, she began to consume collagen nutrients, and local organic fruits and vegetables.  In addition to beating cancer, Sheri noticed that her hair, skin, energy, gut health and immune system, all improved because of her diet.* 

Gina was only 4 years old when she lost her 33 year old father to a heart attack. In addition to her family’s health history, she was also suffering from the effects of over prescribed antibiotics, which caused her to have serious  gut health issues. After years of doctors’ appointments and no resolution, she started doing her own research on protocols for gut health and a healthy diet. In her search she discovered that by adding collagen to her health regime, it helped restore her gut health and general well-being.* She also consumed high quality organic fruits and vegetables for nutrients and vitamins.

Over the years, Sheri and Gina often discussed their passion for health and nutrition and how great it would be to share their knowledge, their health struggles and triumphs, with others. The dream of Yonder came about to provide consumers with healthy and nutritious products for optimal health, wellness and happiness. 

Both women positively changed their health and family’s future by changing their diet and lifestyle. The nutrient rich vitamins from juicing and the addition of collagen have greatly supported their immune system and their overall health.* 

Sheri and Gina are excited to share their knowledge for ingredients and nutrients with others in a delicious, affordable and convenient way to consume.

Yonder is a women-owned family-run business, and we treat our customers like family too.


Our Wellness Blog

On our wellness blog, we share the valuable wisdom and research that we've gathered and continue to build. We have a passion for sharing our knowledge on topics ranging from nutrition, fitness to beauty and a healthy home--anything that can help you feel transformed or maintain optimal health.*

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Our Recipes

On our recipe blog, we share recipes that always please a crowd in our homes. From gluten-free and grain-free baking to paleo, animal-based and keto dinners, everything is easy to make with a busy lifestyle in mind. We know this because we live it ourselves!

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